Interactive games promote independent skill building anytime, anywhere

Whether your school is using an in-person, hybrid, or remote learning model, L3 Skills offers flexible opportunities to deliver high‑quality, differentiated educational games that promote skill development and practice. Student View makes it easy for students and families to access the interactive skill‑building activities at home for augmenting instruction or learning independently.

Shared Computer Model

If you currently have one computer in the classroom, allow individual students or small groups to play L3 Skills on a shared device during learning centers or structured free time for facilitated or independent practice.

Interactive Model

With a computer and interactive whiteboard, set up small groups to collaborate on activities using the touchscreen.

1:1 Model

A teacher computer, whiteboard, and 1:1 devices offer you the greatest flexibility in assigning personalized activities and supporting individual students as they move throughout the day to self-contained, resource room, inclusive general education, or remote settings. L3 Skills is compatible with most student devices.

Seamless Transition from In-School to Remote Learning

Using Student View, teachers can assign age-appropriate, differentiated games to individual students, groups, or the whole class for easy access at home by learners and their parents. The Play Report continues to track student progress toward mastery of their targeted goals and helps identify areas that need strengthening.

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