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News2you students not only learn about the issues and events going on in their world but also so much more, and it’s all tied to their weekly newspaper. Students learn critical thinking skills through the many activities in each edition; expand their knowledge of cultures, customs, and places in the world; discover different career options—all while collaborating to create their own newspapers for bringing home and sparking meaningful discussions with parents.

with high-interest topics

No matter where students are learning—self-contained, resource room, general education, or virtual and home settings—News2you reaches them with relevant topics and materials at just the right level. There are always fun and engaging topics and articles like Fat Bear Week, Denver Chalk Art Festival, World’s Biggest Aquarium, the Total Solar Eclipse, and much more!

News2you newspapers

with all the features of a daily newspaper

Each weekly edition includes topical articles about people and places in the news along with popular features and activities like recipes, jokes, games, puzzles, Sudoku and much more.

Activity pages from News2you

LET’S GO travel the world!

Students choose their preferred mode of transportation (Skis? Motorcycle? Skateboard?) and travel to each destination via a point-of-view video. Then it’s on to exploring different locations around the world that are connected to each week’s news topic.

News2you Let’s Go!

tied to the week’s edition

There’s an engaging bi-monthly book exploring a career tied to the news topic. The books are filled with rich photographs and created with full symbol support from the popular SymbolStix PRIME database. These Spotlight books help students answer the “who” question as they make real-world connections.

News2you Spotlight book

their own newspapers

Strengthen the school-to-home connection by guiding students through Class News, a fun, interactive, collaborative process for generating unlimited custom newspapers! Students can email their newspapers or print and bring them home, where parents are thrilled to have meaningful discussions with their unique learners about community and world events.

News2you Class News

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The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.