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New special education teachers are likely to be overwhelmed by responsibilities, uncertain of where to begin, and unable to focus on teaching at first. This can lead to frustration, noncompliant IEPs, and teachers eventually leaving. But it doesn’t have to be that way! n2y provides the extra support new teachers need to manage their workload and drive student growth from the start.

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Video: Administrators Discussing n2y Solutions

Give new special education teachers a strong support system to promote success. Seasoned administrators share insights into what works in our short video.

How do teachers know what to teach on day 1?

With n2y’s Unique Learning System, new special education teachers have the resources and guidance to tailor instruction to student needs quickly and effectively. They can accurately identify student strengths and areas of need with Benchmark assessments. And they’ll have more time to implement specially designed instruction by starting from a standards‑aligned, differentiated curriculum with premade lesson plans and automated lesson recommendations.

Join us for a demo of how Unique Learning System and our IEP development solution Polaris work together to help new teachers drive student achievement and IEP goal attainment.

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How do teachers know how to
implement curriculum?

After making data-driven instructional decisions, new teachers can focus on delivery while performance data is automatically collected. As questions pop up, they can get answers with Smart Start (self-paced courses and live, online working sessions), a Help widget in each solution, and live chat during business hours. Plus, they can address the needs of the whole student with consistent, evidence‑based instructional routines that are clearly described in lesson plans.

Here’s your chance to see real special education teachers using n2y solutions in their classrooms.

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How can teachers write IEPs and collect data?

Polaris empowers teachers to develop high‑quality, high‑impact IEPs that lead to positive student outcomes. They’ll start with built‑in Benchmarks and profiles to identify each student’s present levels, then use our resulting suggestions to write SMART IEP goals that promote student growth. For compliance, automatically collected student data shows progress and guides instructional decisions.

Resources like “How to Write SMART Goals” are embedded in our IEP development solution Polaris.

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How do teachers
handle challenging behaviors?

Our classroom management solution, Positivity, provides evidence-based support for keeping students focused on learning. Teachers can quickly address student behaviors with a variety of premade, customizable strategies, including social narratives, decision trees, and more. They’ll better understand student behavior and get strategy suggestions that can be added to IEPs, FBAs, and BIPs with the Core Behavior Profile.

Our Core Behavior Profile includes guidance on what its different sections show and mean.

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How do we make sure all students have a voice?

SymbolStix PRIME ensures all unique learners have access to learning, language, and self-expression. Through print or interactive boards, it’s easy to create communication and learning materials to meet individual needs. Teachers get the most extensive and inclusive symbol set available, which allows different skin tones and offers text in English, Spanish, and 10 other languages.

Our sample Bingo card is a fun way to see what’s possible using SymbolStix PRIME.

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How do teachers motivate students to keep developing skills?

With engaging activities that involve high‑interest topics, L3 Skills gives teachers a handy option for additional assignments. It’s perfect for promoting independence and lifelong learning with games appropriate for many skill levels and ages. Teachers only need a single solution to develop core academic and life skills while encouraging persistence and building higher‑level thinking.

We have 200+ games! Check out this list to see the skills each targets.

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