data collection

The Power of Data

To be successful, a behavior plan requires monitoring students’ responses to intervention by analyzing data. Positivity enables you to easily document and track both interfering and prosocial behaviors as well as interventions used as they occur—including the frequency, timing, and success of those interventions. No more carrying clipboards throughout the day and disrupting class to log an event!

Collect data efficiently

Positivity’s data collection provides insight into a student’s behavior throughout each day. Begin by completing a Core Behavior Profile to establish a baseline, then use the data to plan day‑to‑day strategy use, identify whether strategies are successful, make necessary adjustments, document IEP accountability, and ensure you’re implementing with fidelity and consistency. Easily shared with parents, this data also enhances the school‑home connection.

Guide positive behavior with clear insights

With its simple navigation and reliable online presence throughout the day, Positivity makes it easy to proactively manage behavior—supporting the emotional regulation in students that enables learning to occur. Thanks to powerful automation it’s easy to identify which approaches are working and make future strategy selections for positive outcomes.

Graph tracks a student's progress in a prosocial behavior

Set realistic baselines

By using Positivity’s Core Behavior Profile you can gain actionable insights into each student’s attributes and motivations over time. Working from a clearly defined present level of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP) gives fidelity and accountability to your behavior plans.

Positivity screen shows a student's completed Core Behavior Profile

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