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See greater day-to-day satisfaction, enhanced performance, and measurable improvement in your students’ outcomes when you deepen your understanding of instructional strategies and fine-tune the use of your resources at hand. Follow up your Essentials Learning Pathway with our six-hour Essentials Pro Learning Pathways (online plans are self-paced) and discover all the nuances of each solution while staying on top of the latest education research and theories. When you pass the exam you will be awarded a badge and n2y Certified Educator status. After certification, you can easily complete annual recertifications online.

Early 2021

n2y Total Solution

Take a deeper dive into all n2y solutions, including determining academic and behavioral progress and learning how to effectively integrate all of the solutions for an optimal experience.


  • Analyzing data for all solutions
  • Applying all solution data to drive instruction
  • Establishing strong academic foundation skills
  • Supporting in‑depth programming

Unique Learning System

After a brief review of the Unique Learning System Essentials Pathway, you will learn even more about daily instructional opportunities and explore additional resources to deliver individualized learning.


  • Engaging students with level one support needs
  • Increasing student progress with data collection
  • Making meaningful math connections for all learners
  • Effective reading strategies and interventions
  • Engaging all students in writing tasks
  • Developing IEPs
  • Building collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders

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Up to 40 participants, driven by a Professional Learning Specialist

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In-person sessions will resume when it is safe to do so!

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