Help your child communicate using the world’s universal language

The 90,000+ symbols in the SymbolStix PRIME database provide nearly unlimited options for communicating with students. Easily recognizable, these universal symbols populate this collection of resources developed to help you communicate with your child during this challenging time. Use them to help your child express and share feelings, plan steps in a process, and more.

School Clinic 9-Place Communication Board

School Clinic

9‑Place Communication Board

When your child isn’t feeling well, the symbols and accompanying words on this board can help to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

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How Do You Feel? 9-Place Communication Board

How Do You Feel?

9‑Place Communication Board

The symbols on the How Do You Feel board can help your child to identify and communicate different feelings.

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First Then 2-Place Communication Board


2‑Place Communication Board

This streamlined board can be used to help teach steps in a process, such as washing hands.

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