Dramatically Simplify
Educator Roles

High-quality instruction with automated planning, differentiation, and tracking

Our suite of solutions enables automation of many teaching and administrative tasks, from IEP development, monthly planning, lesson differentiation, and standards alignment to performance monitoring, behavior tracking, and reporting, giving educators back valuable time to do what they do best—help students learn and achieve independence. And built‑in support through targeted professional learning offerings ensures that teachers implement all aspects of their solutions with fidelity.

Engage students
anytime, anywhere

Seamless solution integration, flexible scheduling, and high-quality instruction mean teachers can keep students advancing toward their goals no matter where they are learning. Access to Student Dashboard empowers teachers to manage and integrate all aspects of their learners’ journeys—academic, intervention, behavior, skill building, communication, and enrichment.

Two girls looking at a tablet in class

Effortlessly collaborate
to produce meaningful, impactful IEPs

Save valuable time on IEP development and implementation! Teams align easily through task automation, timely prompts, step‑by‑step support, and access to current student data. All team members, including families, receive detailed guidance within every IEP stage—planning, writing, implementing, reporting, and supporting the best student outcomes.

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Deliver differentiated instruction
in all subject areas

Supported by complete, differentiated lesson plans, teachers deliver evidence-based, interactive daily instruction in age‑appropriate grade bands for ELA/reading, math, science, social studies, life skills, and transition. Continuously updated student data ensures that each learner automatically receives the appropriate level of differentiation.

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Provide intensive skill‑based intervention based on gen ed standards

Boost satisfaction and retention by empowering educators to reach every student through intensive, teacher-led instruction; highly efficient assessment; differentiated content; instructional guidance; and key performance data that simplify the RTI process. Teachers and other professionals have everything they need to immediately start closing learning gaps for students following general education standards.

Screengrab of Inspire Counting and Cardinality lesson

Efficiently manage and track student behavior

Students’ ability to self regulate is critical to their ability to learn. Keep the focus on improving academic and behavior outcomes with integrated wellness and behavior strategies. Automated data and tracking tools help teachers support the entire intervention process, from planning to implementing evidence-based strategies, tracking, and reporting.

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Connect students to their community and the world

Differentiated access to current events in a weekly online newspaper provides vital real‑world connections while helping students meet ELA standards and strengthen reading, writing, speaking, communication, and media literacy skills.

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Extend learning through independent practice

Over 200 high‑interest educational games and activities help learners build confidence, independence, and pride as they work toward meeting goals in math, ELA, and life skills. It’s easy to match and assign the games by skill areas, levels, and topics to small groups and individuals, making this an ideal option for independent practice in any setting.

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Promote self-expression and communication

To empower all students to learn, demonstrate their knowledge, and interact with peers and teachers, support from a library of over 100,000 dynamic symbols is embedded throughout our suite of solutions. Teachers and service providers have access to dozens of customizable templates, with the ability to create communication boards and activities, organize them into folders, and send them to colleagues and students to enhance collaboration, instruction, and self‑expression.

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Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.