Hidden Gems of L3 Skills

Anne Johnson‑Oliss

With L3 Skills having just reached its first anniversary, we thought it was a good time to share information on popular activities in the solution, some exciting new features—and even more important, some of the hidden gems our community of educators and fans have commented on.

First, the hidden gems

One activity from our popular Follow the Path Series is loved by some but still undiscovered by others. The teen characters in Follow the Path Zipline are drawn with thinner lines against scenic backgrounds typical of a national park. As they observe characters zipping around in trees, players of all ages can escape to a far off vacation destination while practicing pre-writing and tracing skills. Colors Rock!—a rock climbing-themed activity—exercises color identification skills and randomizes the colors each time the game is played. Ideal for older learners who need a refresh on basic skills, the activity depicts happy adolescents stretching, climbing and reaching to make it to the top of the rock climbing wall by selecting colors on each screen.

Players LOVE Car Wash Single Switch as they touch the switch to soap, rinse, wax and dry each vehicle. What’s in the Dirt? Single Switch, equally fun and exciting, is a newer activity waiting to be discovered. Imagine using a single switch click to dig in the dirt, tap the dirt off found objects, and brush them to reveal and identify each one! Fred and Ginger Single Switch is another fun option in this category, featuring two dachshunds. One models an action and the other dog, well, he does the same action after one click of a USB single switch. Be sure to catch the doxie’s side-eye glances!

On the Money! asks students to sort money in four different ways: by coin symbol, name, cents or decimals. Pick one and play to reinforce math, sorting and money skills!

New features and activities you’re sure to love

Players will love the new three-game series, Letter Isle. These just-released activities target keyboard awareness, letter identification and visual discrimination and can be played using either an onscreen or computer-based keyboard. The Great McReady, an eager and expressive magician, is practicing his magic as he tries over and over to pull a rabbit out of his hat. In the process, he pulls out objects for players to match with high-frequency words. With recently added randomization, this is a fun and effective reinforcer for nouns, colors, and drag and drop skills.

And”¦ in the “most popular” category

Our activity in L3 Skills with the most plays”¦drumroll”¦What’s the Price? reinforces money, matching, reading and visual discrimination. In a newer activity, Crunch Time, which is catching up in popularity, players are working in a clock repair shop. They are asked to select and drag broken clocks that are stuck on specific times to a machine that will recycle or “crunch” them. Crunch time reinforces such skills as fine motor, telling time, and listening. Speaking of listening, the sound effects are particularly satisfying!

If you’re already a subscriber to L3 Skills, be sure to check out our ongoing updates and new activities. And if you’re not, it’s easy to get in the game—just contact an n2y Account Executive for a demo!

About the Author

Anne Johnson-Oliss has spent more than 20 years in the special education field as a teacher, supervisor, sales and marketing professional and business leader. In addition to teaching at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, Anne has authored five books and is an experienced presenter at national and international forums. She earned a Master of Education degree from Wright State and holds several certifications in education and business.