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Research has shown that online games can strengthen an individual’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills to ultimately deepen problem-solving abilities. According to a long-term study cited in American Psychologist, students improved both their grades and problem-solving awareness with increased engagement in role-playing games and other strategic activities.

Educational Activities for Individuals With Disabilities

While learners with disabilities often have been limited to games designed for the general education population and early learners, L3 Skills provides them with age-appropriate learning activities so that they can master skills and achieve a sense of accomplishment, pride and enjoyment. L3 Skills will feature more than 60 online activities that include blended skill applications in multiple subject areas such as Language Arts, Math and Life Skills to help students get the most from each activity. In short, they can have fun and learn at the same time.

Designed to support and facilitate lifelong learning, L3 Skills offers a dynamic resource that supplements foundational skills for school-age learners, and also provides real-world awareness to build confidence for individuals of all ages. With the incorporation of high-quality, visually appealing, and uncluttered graphics, each activity assists with cognitive skill development as well as non-cognitive skills such as attention to task, understanding start to finish, and working for rewards in a gender-neutral environment.

Focus on Academic and Transition Skills

Research also demonstrates that game-based learning increases student engagement. At n2y, we know that individuals with special learning needs can gain enormous benefit from skill-based learning activities that entertain to keep them fully engaged. That’s why our skill-building activities deliver hands-on content in a way that’s fun and exciting. The activities are short enough to capture and hold each learner’s attention, yet long enough to teach important academic and transition life-building skills. They also provide many rich language opportunities. Each game is great for individual play, but facilitated play with a teacher, speech-language pathologist or parent could add more dimension and conversation opportunities.

Seamless Integration With n2y Solutions

Support features in L3 Skills integrate seamlessly with other n2y programs, and can also be used as a standalone product. Each license provides access for up to 15 players. During initial placement, the setup wizard automatically checks to see if the teacher has other n2y product licenses and, if one is found, automatically imports those students into L3 Skills. The wizard also walks the teacher through the steps of seating players, which helps get players into the program faster.

Enable your students to play with a purpose! Capture their interest and help them build skills in the same way that general education students engage—with dynamic online activities that meet their individual needs.

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