Protect and Calm Kids with Autism in Unprecedented Ways

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We’ve partnered with experts to create materials that enhance the learning experience of children affected by autism.

Developed by n2y, SymbolStix PRIME® depicts people, events and activities with personally relevant stick figures appropriate for all ages. With over 40,000 symbols (92,000 options with changeable skin tones) and ongoing creation, the dynamic content, intuitive representations and contemporary nature of SymbolStix provide an invaluable tool for use in curriculum materials, news articles and communication activities.

Prepare for first responder situations

Sensory-Friendly First Responder materials

How to Host a Sensory-Friendly First Responder Event for Children with Autism

Working with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), we’ve created all the materials you need to host a sensory-friendly event to help your children become familiar with the sights and sounds of emergency personnel. Get them excited before the event by playing Helper Bingo. During the event, utilize communication and symbol-sensory supports for reciprocal understanding and learning. Afterward, the completion activity will assist children in processing and internalizing the lessons from the day.

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TouchChat Vocabulary Pages using SymbolStix PRIME symbols

TouchChat Vocabulary Pages

TouchChat and n2y teamed up to create SymbolStix vocabulary pages to support the project by NCMEC entitled, How to Host a Sensory-Friendly First Responder Event for Children With Autism. The vocabulary pages are communication solutions for children who have difficulty using their natural voice. They are available to download for free from the upgrade menu inside the TouchChat app.

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symbol-supported, printable version of the Personal Emergency Profile

Printable Personal Emergency Profile

In collaboration with the National Autism Association (NAA), n2y assisted in the creation of a symbol-supported, printable version of the Personal Emergency Profile. You can create an emergency profile, which can be shared with family and community members to raise awareness and engage children and adults who wander and elope, in their own safety planning. The symbol-supports help them communicate with first responders when they are found.

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Empower kids to make safer decisions

the 4 Rules of Safety with SymbolStix PRIME symbols

4 Rules of Safety

The KidSmartz® program, developed by NCMEC and sponsored by Honeywell, teaches abduction prevention with the 4 Rules of Safety which empower kids to make safer decisions. n2y worked with NCMEC to make this important message available to users who benefit from symbol-supported materials.

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Safety Dance of 4 Rules of Safety with n2y's SymbolStix

Safety Dance

The KidSmartz program reinforces its 4 Rules of Safety through its own customized version of the Safety Dance. Many children with autism respond well to music, and with n2y’s SymbolStix adaptation of the Safety Dance lyrics, we’ll help them sing their way to being more knowledgeable about safety!

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Help them avoid dangers online

n2y, working with NetSmartz, created symbol-supported versions of the Internet Safety Pledges with SymbolStix.

Internet Safety Pledges

NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program from the NCMEC that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer online as well as offline. Working with NCMEC, n2y created symbol-supported versions of the Internet Safety Pledges with our very own SymbolStix. Use these four interactive and print pieces to help your children understand what to do and what not to do in order to stay safe while on the internet.

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