NetSmartz Internet Safety Pledges

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For kids with autism, n2y® and NetSmartz® have partnered to create tools to make every month Internet Safety Month.

Because kids are naturally inquisitive, they’re apt to explore online—which can lead them into vulnerable and dangerous situations. It is important to remember that no child is able to perceive certain dangers which would be easily recognizable to those of us with more life experience.

Internet Safety Pledges

This is why NetSmartz created the Internet Safety Pledges—policies that provide clear guidelines for safer internet use.

Working with NetSmartz, n2y used SymbolStix® to adapt symbol-supported versions of the Internet Safety Pledges. This four-page resource helps children understand what to do and not do to stay safe while online, as well as offline.

Since June is National Internet Safety Month, and kids will have more time to surf the web, it’s the perfect time to click and use the Internet Safety Pledges with your children. It’s an important step in ensuring kids with autism are protected all year long.

Working with NetSmartz, n2y used SymbolStix to adapt symbol-supported versions of the Internet Safety Pledges.

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