Stay Organized with SymbolStix PRIME

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What does staying organized look like for you? Are you a scheduler, a labeler, or maybe both? For educators and service providers, staying organized is essential for running successful classroom and therapeutic settings—whether for in‑person, remote, or hybrid learning. For caregivers, staying organized helps them keep up with their child’s ever‑changing schedules and interests. And for students, having an organized system of communication can be a pathway to success and a key to a promising future.  

Here at n2y we understand the value of organization and want to provide solutions that not only meet your top communication needs but also lead to student success, both inside and outside of the classroom or therapeutic setting. SymbolStix PRIME can help your students achieve that by ensuring they have meaningful access to language, learning, and self‑expression.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Organizing your interactive boards is easy with My Folders! Drag and drop your boards into folders, arranging them by year, student, topic, or tag. You can color‑code them for increased usability and faster access to what you need. In a world that is so tech focused and sometimes overwhelming, these time savers let you do more of what you love: making an impact in your students’ lives through teaching!

Spread the Knowledge

SymbolStix PRIME subscribers can easily send interactive boards to each other, allowing all team members to access the same materials—an opportunity to collaborate and engage with activities and communication across environments. It’s simple to send, receive, and use boards and folders.

Assign with Ease

Beyond the ability to send creations to team members for consistency and collaboration, SymbolStix PRIME makes it easy to assign interactive boards and activities to students through Student View. This means enhanced opportunities for engagement in academic, behavior, and social skill development in remote learning settings.

Customization Is Key

In addition, SymbolStix PRIME can be tailored to meet your students’ specific communication needs. Begin by exploring the symbol library that contains over 90,000 symbols. Subscribers can celebrate diversity and inclusion and bridge language and cultural barriers in the educational setting and beyond by changing symbols’ skin tone.

Next, check out the Board Wizard to create your own interactive boards, schedules, and activities. Save time or experiment on the fly by using the Symbolize Text tool within the Board Wizard to quickly auto‑populate your custom board with corresponding symbols as you type words.

Whether you are all about organization or customization, you will find SymbolStix PRIME is the complete package, offering the world’s most comprehensive library of contemporary, multicultural, and dynamic symbols to enhance communication and learning!

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