Standards-Based Academic Instruction for Summer

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Consistent, Structured Learning for Special Education

Searching for standards‑based academic instruction for the summer? n2y’s Summer Unit has you covered! Extended school year (ESY) teachers and summer tutors can boost learning and success with robust, standards‑aligned content built on the latest research- and evidence‑based practices. Keep students excited about learning with innovative instructional materials, including embedded differentiation, to support the needs of unique learners. Plus, built-in progress monitoring tools help drive measurable growth toward IEP goals, keeping student progress going.

Unique Learning System Summer Unit lesson and activity

Unique Learning System’s Summer Unit: By the Sea

Our much‑anticipated Summer Unit is available now through July 31, 2023 as a free trial! This year’s theme, By the Sea, will keep your students motivated, participating, and advancing toward their learning goals with evidence‑based lessons and hands‑on activities.

Keep education momentum going throughout the summer and address learning recovery with standards‑aligned lessons that focus on core subject areas, as well as life science, geography, and life skills. Students will love learning about ocean plants, animals, and habitats while participating in fun beach‑themed activities. Give unique learners the continuity and engagement they thrive on!

Evidence-Based Strategies

Educators can extend learning with academic content in all core subject areas—ELA, math, science, and social studies. Embedded strategies such as scaffolding, metacognition, and modeling enable teachers and tutors to support a wide variety of unique learners. Available for pre‑K through transition, the Summer Unit is one of Unique Learning System’s many thematic units offered throughout the year. Teachers have access to differentiated texts, comprehension questions, writing templates, a wide variety of math skill practice, and much more to help students access meaningful learning while building critical thinking and problem‑solving skills.

Unique Learning System Summer Unit fraction activity

Differentiated Instruction

Teachers and tutors can save time with differentiated instruction as well as activities that grow in complexity as the grade levels progress. The unit provides academic consistency and practice in real‑world problem-solving for special education students. Activities involve recreation and life skills to guide students in developing self‑advocacy and independence. And the unit’s material can be accessed on any device, so it’s perfect for whole-group, small-group, or 1:1 instruction.

Unique Learning System Student Dashboard and progress monitoring

Automated Progress Monitoring

With Unique Learning System, progress monitoring and IEP compliance are a breeze thanks to automated data collection. Progress monitoring opportunities are available in pre- and post-unit Checkpoints, as well as in daily student activities.

Unique Learning System lesson and activity

Build and Maintain Learning Momentum

Educators and parents can request a trial to access the unit’s dynamic, age‑appropriate, standards-aligned lessons and keep their students motivated to learn all summer! Best of all, administrators can build on the learning momentum established in the summer by providing Unique Learning System to teachers during the entire school year.

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