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n2y Customer Care aims to provide you with the resources you need in order to be successful with our solutions in your district, schools and classrooms. Whatever success looks like for you, we want to help you achieve it.

Browse our Knowledge Base

Browse our Knowledge Base

Need help with one of our online solutions? Browse the many articles in our Knowledge Base to find answers to your questions. There’s help for Getting Started, FAQs, and support articles for Unique Learning System, News‑2‑You and SymbolStix PRIME.

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Get started with n2y solutions

Get Started with n2y solutions

Complimentary orientation to n2y solutions is available to you 24/7. Get started by watching the Foundation Courses, or access your Professional Development to watch all the videos and track your progress.

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Review n2y system requirements

Review n2y system requirements

It’s important to keep your system updated to successfully use n2y online solutions. For an optimal experience, work with your IT team to ensure your system meets the necessary requirements—from browsers to video and email.

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Meet Your Customer Care Team

  • Stephanie Barney Stephanie Barney Director, Customer Success
  • Carlee Carrier Carlee Carrier Team Lead, Customer Success
  • Adrienne Bridges Adrienne Bridges Customer Success Advocate
  • Meghan Cacioppo Meghan Cacioppo Customer Success Advocate
  • Haley Deshotels Haley Deshotels Customer Success Advocate
  • Courtney Fitzgerald Courtney Fitzgerald Customer Success Advocate
  • Michaela Hensley Michaela Hensley Customer Success Advocate
  • Maggie Jonsson Maggie Jonsson Customer Success Advocate
  • Michelle Peterson Michelle Peterson Customer Success Advocate
  • Salena Rodriguez Salena Rodriguez Customer Success Advocate
  • Emily Sams Emily Sams Customer Success Advocate
  • Julie Schmidt Julie Schmidt Customer Success Advocate
  • Kelsey Simon Kelsey Simon Customer Success Advocate
  • Rachel Van Dyke Rachel Van Dyke Customer Success Advocate
  • Ryan Mitchell Ryan Mitchell Manager, Customer Support
  • Stephanie Sweet Stephanie Sweet Team Lead, Customer Support
  • Nicole Henney Nicole Henney Customer Support Specialist
  • Liz Koba Liz Koba Customer Support Specialist
  • Jenna Kolycheck Jenna Kolycheck Customer Support Specialist
  • Jenna Maddix Jenna Maddix Customer Support Specialist
  • Rosie Miller Rosie Miller Customer Support Specialist
  • Dani Wott Dani Wott Customer Support Specialist
  • Kyle Baumgartner Kyle Baumgartner Customer Experience Analyst
  • Amanda Borer Amanda Borer Vice President, Customer Relations