We Support You so You Can Support Your Students

The n2y Customer Care aims to provide you with the resources you need in order to be successful with our products in your district, schools and classrooms. Whatever success looks like for you, we want to help you achieve it.

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Getting Started with n2y Solutions</h3

Our commitment to your success goes beyond creating high-quality, accessible instruction and tools to support your implementation. Getting started is very important, and we believe in providing a complimentary orientation with your purchase that’s here for you 24/7. Whether your journey begins now, or for every new teacher or paraprofessional change, we are here to support you. Get started with the Foundation Courses below, or access your Professional Development to watch all the videos and track your progress.

  • Getting Started with Unique Learning System

    Unique Learning System

  • Getting Started with News-2-You


  • Getting Started with SymbolStix PRIME

    SymbolStix PRIME

Meet Your Customer Care Team

  • Rachel Ulizzi Rachel Ulizzi Manager of Customer Success
  • Maggie Jonsson Maggie Jonsson Customer Success Advocate
  • Samantha Newman Samantha Newman Customer Success Advocate
  • Heather Whitlock Heather Whitlock Customer Success Advocate
  • Ryan Mitchell Ryan Mitchell Customer Support Manager
  • Brooke Hamilton Brooke Hamilton Customer Support Specialist
  • Loren Schild Loren Schild Customer Support Specialist
  • Stephanie Sweet Stephanie Sweet Customer Support Specialist
  • Jonathan Verzilli Jonathan Verzilli Customer Experience Analyst
  • Amanda Borer Amanda Borer Director of Customer Relations