System Requirements

Is your system up‑to‑date?

It’s important to keep your system updated to successfully use n2y online solutions. For an optimal experience, alert your administrator for any necessary updates to your system. Work with your IT team to update your system if any portion of the requirements isn’t met.

Recommended Devices

We do our best to ensure solution compatibility with all device types. We recommend using one that supports the latest versions of the browsers listed above. For the best experience when using an iPad, we recommend using the most recent version of iOS on a 7th-generation or newer device.



To use n2y’s online solutions, the following resources are necessary.

The solutions are found at the * domain.

SignalR Service

SignalR service, available at, is used for Positivity to send messages in the browser.

Laptop displaying n2y online solutions home page and tablet showing Positivity home screen


To have the best experience with n2y solutions, we recommend the following optional resources.

Azure Application Insights

For the optimal performance of n2y solutions and to receive guides, we suggest whitelisting App Insights.


To access on-demand help for educators and administrators, we recommend Zendesk, which is available at the three domains below.


n2y suggests whitelisting Pendo, which creates guided walkthroughs for educators and administrators and is available at the three domains below.


Using the Google API is especially helpful for Google Maps in News2you, and is available at the domain

Screen capture of n2y's Knowledge Base and screen capture of News2you displaying a map