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Support communication, comprehension, choice making and literacy in the classroom, therapeutic or home setting with our core vocabulary squares. Age appropriate for emergent learners to aging adults, each set features 50 high‑frequency vocabulary words found in trusted lists like Dolch, Fry and Project Core—paired with engaging symbols from n2y’s popular SymbolStix PRIME database.

Augment daily instructional routines, activities and therapies

Bolster daily instruction and reach every learner with visually appealing, uncluttered 3′ x 3′ vocabulary squares featuring recognizable, dynamic symbols. Whether you need to spark communication, supplement learning or provide consistency for practicing a routine, SymbolStix SQUARES will support your teaching strategies and help you keep learners engaged throughout the day.

SymbolStix SQUARES Set 1 and Set 2 boxes and cards

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Time saving and convenient

Save time creating communication resources for your classroom or therapeutic use. SymbolStix SQUARES are ideal for use in communication boards, word walls and pocket charts. No more drawing and laminating your own symbols!

SymbolStix SQUARES cards

Durable and portable

SymbolStix SQUARES are conveniently packaged in a metal box with an attached lid for safe storage or transport. Made to last in special education settings, they are nontoxic, washable and won’t crease or peel.

Hands holding SymbolStix SQUARES Set 1

Meaningful, research‑based symbols

The symbols in SymbolStix SQUARES stem from a powerful language tool developed by our experts to support communication and learning. Explore SymbolStix PRIME, our comprehensive symbol library and search engine, featuring more than 42,000 symbols (up to 90,000 with changeable skin tones)—and growing.

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