Target Skill Gaps with
Efficient Assessments

Highly efficient assessments
aligned to general education standards

Identifying a student’s learning gaps is an essential first step for an effective Response to Intervention (RTI) program. Typically, assessments take a long time for students to complete, but Inspire takes a robust, highly efficient approach that will more effectively pinpoint skill gaps! Students stay focused, so the results will accurately reflect their learning gaps and can inform targeted intervention and IEP goal development.

Pinpoint skill gaps in minutes rather than hours!

Prescriptive assessments in Inspire efficiently reveal learning gaps so teachers have more time with their students and can address those gaps more effectively through targeted instruction. Both pre- and post‑assessments include 10–15 questions for courses and 8–10 questions for modules.


Learners start with a course pre‑assessment to build on prior knowledge and spotlight areas of need, resulting in accurate placement in modules. Each module also has a pre‑assessment for students to complete. If they answer a question incorrectly during any pre‑assessment, they are given another set of answers at the next level down.

Image of a Counting and Cardinality Course Pre-Assessment


See how much progress students have made with a post‑assessment once they’ve finished a course or module. Post‑assessments reinforce that they have closed the skill gap within the standard covered in the course or module.

Image of a Counting and Cardinality Course Post-Assessment

Boost and demonstrate RTI efficacy with point‑of‑use assessments

Once you’ve identified the exact skills a student needs to develop further with pre‑assessments, Inspire automatically recommends courses and modules to use in targeted instruction. You’ll find these recommendations in detailed, built‑in reports that also convey RTI effectiveness after students have completed their post‑assessments.

Image of Student Assessment Results

Improve IEP development and demonstrate compliance

For students with IEPs, having the right goals and objectives can make a huge difference in their growth over the course of a year. Use the robust assessments in Inspire to collect accurate data that can guide IEP goal development. This data supports IEP compliance by serving as the foundation for PLAAFPs and enabling progress monitoring of SMART goals.

Image of a Student Performance Report

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