Empower Student Learning with
Gradual Release

A path to attainment for every student

Students who require more than the sit-and-get intervention approach will close skill gaps more effectively through the gradual release of responsibility instructional approach at the heart of Inspire. It starts with explicit, teacher-led instruction; moves to guided practice; and then finishes with independent learning. This is also known as the “I do, we do, you do” model and supports both intervention and specialized instruction. As students achieve general education standards and take charge of their learning, they’ll have the tools to continue succeeding in school and life.

Jump‑start learning with teacher‑led instruction

Getting struggling students back on track requires strengthening foundational academic skills, which is why the first step of the gradual release of responsibility approach is explicit, teacher‑led instruction. This creates a completely different experience for students versus plug‑and‑play solutions. When teachers personalize learning using the rigorous, differentiated content in Inspire, students make tremendous progress! What’s more, teachers and other staff can begin closing gaps immediately with grab‑and‑go lesson plans to guide them.

Image of an Inspire Lesson Plan

Foster breakthroughs with guided practice

In the second step of the gradual release of responsibility approach, students build confidence as they improve their skills with guidance from their teacher. Inspire uses active learning to encourage participation and draws students in with interactive, engaging modules and activities. With support from targeted, differentiated instruction and automated data collection to inform instructional decisions, every student has the opportunity to learn.

Image of a Guided Practice Activity

Strengthen problem-solving skills with independent learning

Students really shine when they develop the skills to learn independently, which is the last step of the gradual release of responsibility approach. Students take pride in making progress using their own initiative and discover the joy of a meaningful connection to what they’re learning. Plus, they’ll learn to generalize skills, which supports real‑world accomplishments like securing employment and living independently.

Image of an Independent Practice activity

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.