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Built-in differentiation
drives student growth

Because differentiation has a powerful effect on learning, it’s an essential component of our academic intensive intervention for students in Tier 3 and those with IEPs. With Inspire, teachers meet the needs of learners through a research- and evidence-based instructional design that incorporates differentiated materials. Students become more independent and learn to generalize skills with its gradual release of responsibility approach. And addressing skill gaps in students at Tier 3 of RTI means that schools and districts will reduce the number of referrals to special education.

Improve planning, fidelity, and satisfaction

Lesson planning and teaching is much easier with the differentiation integrated into Inspire! All academic content is differentiated to three levels and aligned to general education standards. Step‑by‑step instructional guidance ensures teachers and staff have evidence‑based strategies to reach students at each level. Automated data collection and interpretation simplify progress monitoring and support data‑informed instructional decisions. By giving teachers comprehensive resources that free them to teach, Inspire offers a wonderful way to improve satisfaction and retention in schools and districts.

Image of a differentiated independent practice activity in Inspire

Deliver effective tiered intervention

Teachers can reach struggling students in Tier 3, especially those who do not respond to 1:1 computer-based learning, with the differentiated content Inspire provides for personalizing foundational learning. Fun, engaging, and interactive activities at the right level of support ensure students really connect with what they’re learning. They’ll build confidence as they close skill gaps and make measurable gains toward achieving general education standards.

Image of a warm-up activity in Inspire

Engage students to meet IEP goals

Support the needs of students with IEPs by providing targeted, skill‑based learning that motivates and engages them. They’ll make greater progress toward their goals as they complete differentiated activities with scaffolding to meet a variety of abilities. Plus, Inspire’s built‑in progress monitoring tools are perfect for collecting data on IEP goals and maintaining compliance.

Image of performance data collected in Inspire

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