Boost Satisfaction with More
Efficient Planning

Meeting teacher needs also supports
student growth

Improve student performance by giving teachers every resource they need to close skill gaps in a single solution: Inspire. Teachers will love how its highly efficient assessments, differentiated content, instructional guidance, and reporting combine to simplify the entire intervention process! The variety of evidence‑based strategies in Inspire means both new and seasoned educators can jump-start RTI and IEPs and incorporate proven approaches as they teach.

Give teachers more time for teaching with less planning

Teachers can maximize their instructional time with Inspire because it provides everything they need for effective intervention in a single solution. Its highly efficient assessments let them quickly pinpoint areas of need, and automated recommendations identify which courses and modules are appropriate for each student. Teachers can close learning gaps better than ever through active, skill‑based intervention that aligns with specialized instruction and IEP goals. A complete set of automated performance reports gives educators easy access to data that can inform instructional adjustments and continued intervention.

Image of Module Recommendations after Pre-Assessment

Keep teachers invested
in their profession

Teachers and staff will find great opportunities for professional growth and development as they use the explicit, evidence‑based strategies and lesson plans in Inspire. Those new to intervention can start closing skill gaps immediately since each grab‑and‑go lesson plan is complete. Module components include pre‑assessment, warm‑up activity, vocabulary, introduce, model, review, check for understanding, and post‑assessment. Even veteran educators will appreciate having rigorous, differentiated academic content ready and waiting for them to share with learners at every tier or those with an IEP. Plus, it’s rewarding to see students embrace learning as they dive into fun, engaging, interactive activities chosen just for them.

Image of an Inspire Lesson Plan

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The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.