Foster Real Connections with Inclusive Instruction

Skill-based intervention
for closing learning gaps

Students and teachers benefit from the latest in educational best practices, technology, and academic interventions with Inspire. It provides evidence-based instructional strategies and differentiated content that fill gaps in reading, writing, and math; promote generalization; and support RTI school or district wide. Whether experienced or new, all teachers can immediately start using Inspire to address skill gaps in struggling students and learners with IEPs on general education standards.

Improve intervention quality with an exclusive approach

Use the gradual release of responsibility instructional approach in Inspire to give your struggling students the tools to soar! Start with explicit instruction on targeted foundational skills, including assigning engaging activities that help students make stronger connections to content. As they gain confidence and grow, you’ll move to guided practice with appropriate challenges. Finally, you’ll let students take charge of their progress through independent learning. This process strengthens their problem-solving skills that can extend across subjects. In each step, you’ll have comprehensive performance data to personalize instruction. And you’ll love how Inspire pairs perfectly with any core academic program.

Image of the gradual release of responsibility built into an Inspire lesson plan

Drive growth with proven instructional design and resources

Improve outcomes and increase the generalization of skills with Inspire’s research- and evidence-based instructional design. It’s easy to access targeted assessments and instruction at point of use. After a student completes a preassessment, you’ll automatically get guidance on which courses and lessons would be appropriate. Inspire allows flexibility in course and lesson delivery to match the time and setting available. Every lesson plan provides learning objectives and proven models of instruction to support efficacy. And as you teach students with different needs, you’ll find opportunities to try new strategies and broaden your professional knowledge.


Image of student assessment results in Inspire

Add fun to rigorous intervention with a single solution

Count on the academic rigor built into Inspire’s instructional materials to motivate your students, which will strengthen their connection to what they’re learning. They’ll develop foundational skills to get back on track through activities that meet individual needs with scaffolded supports. For example, you can assign fun, gamified warmup activities to activate prior knowledge and help students absorb new concepts once you’ve placed them in a course or lesson. Built‑in, automated progress monitoring gives you valuable data for instructional adjustments and demonstrating IEP compliance.

Image of a warm-up activity and student performance report in Inspire

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.