Play Reports That Demonstrate
Measurable Growth and Optimize Outcomes

With data reporting in L3 Skills it’s easy to track student progress toward mastery of skills and goals, but data also provides valuable insights that promote student growth. Use the Play Reports to make the most of the high-quality games by better understanding student interests, strengths, areas of need, and engagement levels.

Track growth and demonstrate compliance

Student data in L3 Skills tracks progress across the years, enabling you to demonstrate both short- and long-term measurable growth. Monitor progress toward mastery of the skills you target for each student by reporting accuracy, responsiveness and practice time. Enhance the data with notes and observations from all practitioners working with the student.

Gain valuable insights to promote achievement

Data also helps the team better understand motivational factors such as student interests, preferences, and strengths—optimizing use of L3 Skills by helping to target the right skills, levels, and game types to engage each player. Based on a student’s Play Report, teachers and service providers can efficiently preview, select, and assign games that will support success. These valuable insights can also extend to instructional decisions beyond L3 Skills to benefit the student’s academic performance.

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