n2y and the American Autism Association Announce a New Partnership

Special Education Pioneer, n2y, and the American Autism Association Announce a New Partnership, Joining Forces to Better Serve the Autism Community

Huron, Ohio—Business WireIn recognition of National Autism Awareness Month, n2y, a pioneer in the field of special education, is announcing a new partnership with the American Autism Association, a leading organization supporting the autism community. Drawing on its expertise in educating students with special needs, n2y is also featuring a number of free resources from other partners—National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, National Autism Association, KidSmatz and Saltillo—all designed to increase safety for children with autism.

“We are excited to formalize our partnership with the American Autism Association, and bring n2y’s expertise in educating students with special needs to their efforts,” explained Chrissy Wostmann, n2y CEO. “From our beginning, n2y has been committed to serving the entire special education spectrum, including individuals in the autism community. n2y is thrilled to support the community and announce this partnership during National Autism Awareness Month.”

Founded in 2010, the American Autism Association offers support and guidance helping families through their journey with autism. It is the Association’s hope that one day, no child or individual with autism will go unserved, that everyone has equal access to helpful interventions, and that individuals with autism have the ability to live their lives free of judgment or misunderstanding.

“We join the American Autism Association in working to ensure that all students are served with effective, proven, and appropriate educational resources. Meeting the education needs of those too often unserved is n2y’s core mission,” CEO Wostmann stated.

In announcing its partnership with n2y, the American Autism Association highlighted the unique role that n2y and its highly developed curriculum play in special education and also deliver resources specifically designed for learners outside the general education spectrum.

As part of its support for National Autism Awareness Month, n2y is tapping its expertise and award-winning special education resources specifically designed to keep individuals with autism safe. CEO Wostmann continued, “n2y sought collaboration partners to raise awareness about complex issues facing children with autism and their families. We partnered with safety experts to create materials that enhance the learning experiences for children affected by autism, with the goal of helping them understand and communicate during eloping or crisis situations.”

The free safety resources are available at: https://www.n2y.com/blog/autism-resources/

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