n2y Releases New Features – SymbolStix PRIME

n2y Releases New Features - SymbolStix PRIME

Huron, Ohio—PRWEBn2y, a leading producer of online special education materials, has re-defined the conversation about symbols for language and learning. SymbolStix PRIMEâ„¢ introduces innovative features including the ability to modify skin tones of SymbolStix and read with highlighting while speaking activities. With more than 30,000 searchable symbols to find and use, subscribers create personalized communication and learning materials faster than ever.

New static device templates add to the valuable and relevant user experience in SymbolStix PRIME. With pre-made templates, auto-populated Board Wizard and Auto Grid, in which users choose the number of spaces in the grid, relevant supplemental materials are seconds away.

Subscribers also have new avenues to use with SymbolStix PRIME including the ability to create collections of frequently used images or develop student-specific collections of symbols.

With SymbolStix PRIME, n2y has created a platform from which more classroom and language supports can be generated and stored online. With additional product enhancements planned in the coming months, n2y will upend expectations for supplemental materials and creation tools.

“n2y’s goal has and will always be to enrich and better the lives of individuals around the world through education,” said n2y President Chrissy Wostmann. “Communication and learning are personal. Having personalized language and learning supports are inestimable to a child’s growth.”

n2y produces Unique Learning System® to meet classroom curriculum needs for students with complex communication and learning needs. SymbolStix are used throughout Unique Learning System when symbols are required to add context, meaning or differentiation, based on students’ needs.

n2y also produces News-2-You®, a weekly differentiated and symbol-supported current events, language and literacy newspaper. News-2-You® has connected readers to the world for more than 17 years with engaging and relevant content supported by SymbolStix.

All n2y, Inc.® products are available online, allowing thousands of global subscribers easy access to its published content and materials.

For more information on n2y, please visit n2y.com or call (800) 697-6575.

About n2y

n2y is a cloud-based special education publishing company based in Huron, Ohio. n2y’s special education products include News-2-You, a weekly current events newspaper, Unique Learning System, a standards-based curriculum, as well as SymbolStix PRIME, a dynamic symbol set. For additional information on n2y and its products, please visit n2y.com, email info@n2y.com or call (800) 697-6575.