Supporting the whole child

The collaboration within Polaris that guides team members to create such specific, data‑driven goals is one of the main reasons why the resulting IEPs are so meaningful and actionable. Equally important is the fact that those goals can be tracked across a range of essential domains, allowing team members to create a wonderfully full picture of what success for every student will look like.

English Language Arts

ELA areas of focus contain profiles, assessments, and goals in writing conventions and composition, reading foundations and comprehension, speaking and listening, and oral language conventions.


Polaris spans all math content areas including counting and cardinality, operations in base ten, fractions and decimals, algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement and data, ratios and proportional relationships, functions, and statistics and probability.

Social‑Emotional / Behavioral

SEL profiles, assessments, and goals encompass the areas of self‑awareness and self‑management, social awareness and relationships, and decision‑making.


Full tracking for speech, expressive and receptive language, as well as social or pragmatic language and assistive technology supports all areas of communication.

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