Teaching an appropriate
exit strategy
with break cards

For unique learners who need to escape difficult or overwhelming situations, knowing when to request a break—and how to do it without disrupting instructional time—is an important life skill that must be explicitly taught. Positivity® provides the tools and timely delivery to help students learn to self-regulate.

Prevent disruptions
with pre-planned breaks

Positivity helps you teach and instill the appropriate way to request a break by enabling you to pre-assign break cards online and deliver them right to your students’ daily schedules. When you’ve identified events or activities that might provoke a disruption, give individual students the power to tap on a break card, teach them to quietly exit to a predetermined location, and then Positivity will deliver your auditory cue for them to return to work.

Empower students with positive options to refocus

For students who experience anxiety, the ability for them to receive on-demand break cards in Positivity provides them with an empowering tool for alleviating stress and refocusing on learning.

Implement with fidelity
and best practices

  • Once you’ve taught students the appropriate way to request a break, as well as the parameters and location for the break, use Positivity to ensure their assigned break cards are visible to them at all times.
  • Determine the acceptable duration for a student’s break and select appropriate verbal cues to be delivered by Positivity at the beginning and end of the break period.
  • Slowly attempt to extend the time between assigned breaks to increase the student’s ability to remain in the instructional setting. Pair the strategy with incentives to reward students’ success in building their time on task.

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