Motivate learners with
high‑value rewards

Traditional incentive strategies reward and increase the frequency of positive behaviors. Over time, however, rewards become routine and lose their power to influence behavior. Positivity puts a proactive spin on incentives and strengthens their impact.

Empower students to choose
for improved behavior outcomes

When you let students see and select their own behavior rewards, the incentive strategy becomes a powerful and immediate motivator. Using provided SymbolStix symbols or images you’ve uploaded to the system, have students select the reward they want to work for—an item, a snack, or a privilege, such as computer or video time—and it will appear onscreen as an ongoing reminder.

Build self-regulation
with a token economy

Positivity helps you strengthen the incentive strategy by making it simple to administer a token economy that’s easy for students to learn. You and your students agree on a set number of tokens required to earn the incentive, and the system lets you distribute the tokens on demand, as you catch good behavior in progress.

Implement with fidelity
and best practices

  • Turn a traditional, reactive incentive strategy into a proactive behavior Intervention by enabling students to play a role in selecting and envisioning what motivates them.
  • Use Positivity to set, personalize, and modify the frequency of tokens and rewards based on an individual student’s needs and behaviors (increasing the time between reinforcements helps learners accept deferred rewards, an important life skill).
  • Pair the incentive strategy with your use of social narratives and video modeling to reward students for improving their targeted behaviors.

Are you ready to see it in action?

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