Making an indelible impression With Video Modeling

Most students today are drawn to video as a medium and tend to retain what they’ve viewed. Make the most of video’s appeal to help your students learn and practice important social and behavioral skills.

Reinforce social interactions
and multi-step tasks

Using the tools in Positivity and your cell phone, video modeling is simple to execute. You can use the strategy to walk students through the steps in a process (like handwashing), role-play an appropriate social exchange or show your subject calmly carrying out an activity like transitioning.

Help students view themselves in a positive light

When students see themselves and their peers onscreen, it’s a given that you’ve got their attention. With Positivity, you can show them performing a positive behavior or exchange, and the benefit is exponential. Or choose and upload clips from popular films your students will relate to that depict social interactions or behaviors you want to reinforce.

Implement with fidelity and best practices

  • For the best results, film students performing positive interactions and behaviors and then upload your finished product to Positivity for viewing on demand—of course, students will request to view it over and over! The repetition will help with generalizing the skill or behavior.
  • As with social narratives, focus on a specific skill, keep the script simple and make the finished product short and digestible. As the director, you can include necessary pauses to enhance learning.
  • Pair the strategy with incentives for positive reinforcement of a newly acquired skill or behavior.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.