Professional Learning
Best Practices

The latest research and adult learning theories support your growth

Cutting-edge insights into how people learn are the basis for each one of n2y’s learning pathways, webinars, and professional learning experiences. Our team of professionals draws from decades of their own classroom experience and research into best practices in special education to provide solutions that help you reach students in many different situations. They know how to separate the what’s-hot-right-now from the proven approaches that influence long-term success. Rely on your Professional Learning Specialist to model best practices and truly individualize each professional learning experience.

Gain skills and confidence through universal best practices

Professional learning at n2y is 100% aligned not only to ESSA’s definition of professional learning but also to Learning Forward’s Seven Standards for Professional Learning. These standards have been proven to lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

n2y professional learning supports:

  1. Learning communities committed to continuous improvement, collective responsibility, and goal alignment
  2. Skilled leadership that develops capacity, advocates, and creates support systems for professional learning
  3. Prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating resources for educator learning
  4. Using a variety of sources and types of student, educator, and system data to plan, assess, and evaluate professional learning
  5. Integrating theories, research, and models of human learning design to achieve its intended outcomes
  6. Applying research on change and sustaining support for implementation of professional learning for long-term change
  7. Aligning its outcomes with educator performance and student curriculum standards

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.