Smart Start
Learning Pathways

Valuable insight to
get up and running quickly

Start helping students learn right from day one! Every solution subscription and renewal includes the Smart Start Learning Pathway, which details how busy educators can quickly personalize and implement all of their n2y solutions. After completing the self‑paced online training, they can join a live virtual working session to get questions answered and discuss the solution further.

Jump‑start implementation for greater impact

First, get a quick introduction to all of n2y’s solutions and learn how they work together in an overview video. Next, see how to add students and set up logins. Then learn how to track student performance, customize accommodations, and achieve seamless planning, teaching, data gathering, and reporting! Each Learning Pathway also walks through crucial implementation milestones and provides step‑by‑step instructions on getting started.

Unique Learning System

Learn how to facilitate lesson planning and improve the effectiveness of instructional routines using core academic materials, resources, and differentiated supports.


Learn how to boost student progress with the help of accurate, data‑driven IEPs (roadmaps) by exploring navigation in Polaris, walking through building a roadmap, and discovering ways to collaborate with a student’s entire team.


Discover how to ease classroom management by applying key strategies and tracking student behaviors. See how to document a student’s present levels of performance with the Core Behavior Profile and support student self-regulation and social skills throughout the day using customizable strategies.


Explore ways to spark essential conversations at school and home by infusing weekly current events issues into lessons and activities.

SymbolStix PRIME

See how to facilitate student engagement and learning by creating communication boards and activities to support communication. Discover how to build students’ skills and provide a deeper connection to the world by sending those creations to other subscribers.

L3 Skills

Find out how to build core academic and life skills and support independent skills practice using this gamified learning resource.

Total Solution

Set students up for success immediately by accessing every Smart Start Learning Pathway for n2y solutions.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.