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Apply Science of Reading research to unique learners

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The Science of Reading is a must-have in literacy instruction across the nation. Using the five pillars of reading instruction, it offers proven ways to build lifelong readers, including students with disabilities. But unique learners will make even more progress with instruction tailored to their needs. As you incorporate the Science of Reading into special education at your school, we’re ready to support you. Unique Learning System’s new courses give you purposeful, inclusive resources to engage students at any grade level. And with implementation support embedded throughout our solution, teachers will increase their confidence and effectiveness.

What exactly is the Science of Reading?

For a start, it’s a body of research on literacy, not just one approach. Thousands of studies from across the world and in many related disciplines support a consensus on how we learn to read, what blocks learning, and what instruction is best for most students. More specifically, the Science of Reading covers phonemic awareness, encoding, and fluency across all foundational phonemes, so we know writing plays a key role in literacy development.

Many states are mandating that literacy instruction incorporate Science of Reading research because it offers proven benefits to students, such as improved reading comprehension, the ability to generalize skills, and greater reading enjoyment—all of which lead to better outcomes!

Scarborough's Reading Rope

Why is the Science of Reading important for unique learners?

The research is clear that students with disabilities learn to read the same way that students in general education do, but they need the appropriate structure and supports to make the most progress. Examples include explicit, systematic instruction; repetition; accommodations; and modifications. To foster the best student outcomes, educators should always believe their unique learners can achieve and set high expectations for their ability to gain knowledge and skills. Explore a variety of resources for educators related to the Science of Reading and unique learners.

Unique Learning System phonics activity for sounding out and writing the word "mat"

What is the Science of Reading in Unique Learning System?

Unique Learning System has always been aligned to the latest in literacy research, which is a key factor in meaningful growth for unique learners. Now we are enhancing it to be even more inclusive of the research behind the Science of Reading! No other solution provider creates Science-of-Reading-aligned curriculum resources specially designed for students with moderate to severe disabilities across all grade levels.

  • Nine new courses are designed based on research into how unique learners learn best
  • Students get the explicit, systematic instruction and repetition that they need
  • Differentiated, age-appropriate content and activities engage students from pre-K to transition
  • Ready-made lesson plans and embedded implementation support ensure success from day one—check out a lesson with explanations of each section
Unique Learning System phonics lesson activities Writing Sentences 2 and Scoop a Phrase

What Science of Reading resources are included in Unique Learning System?

As part of your Unique Learning System subscription, you’ll get our new series of courses launching throughout the year. They’ll give you ways to build a larger range of phonics skills for students who are ready to move beyond emergent reading. Our phonics courses follow a scope and sequence that covers all foundational phonemes, and they provide age-appropriate content and activities for every grade level—pre‑K, elementary, middle school, and high school.

Course Resource List

These foundational courses are loaded with resources:

  • Lesson plans with embedded, explicit instruction that’s scripted for teachers
  • Spelling, interactive writing, and differentiated reading activities that present high-frequency words, including irregular spelling patterns
  • Decodable texts such as reader’s theater and graphic novels that capture student attention with age-respectful content and colorful visuals
  • Teacher Reference materials, such as a differentiation guide for reading instruction that empowers teachers to meet student needs with individualized accommodations
  • Warm-up activities that activate prior knowledge and pre- and post-assessments that show teachers where students need to start and enable data-driven decision-making (coming fall 2023)
Word Climb activity and graphic novel page from resources in Unique Learning System

New Courses and Launch Schedule

Our first new course, Foundational Phonics Course 1, introduces and reviews four initial foundational phonemes (M, A, T, P) in nine lessons. Foundational Phonics Course 2 covers phonemes C, S, and I in nine lessons. We’ll launch nine courses in total during 2023. They’ll follow a scope and sequence order based on the most common sounds that students will encounter in speech and text.

What implementation support do teachers get from n2y?

We’re here for you during this major instructional transition and beyond! Unique Learning System’s inclusive reading program is designed specifically to ensure success for each teacher, whether experienced or new. We offer multiple ways to help:

  • Expert tips for delivering Science of Reading instruction are embedded into every lesson plan
  • Micro-learning opportunities such as best practice guidance and training videos within each course

More Professional Learning

For more extensive training, choose from these professional learning opportunities:

  • In-person: Paid sessions based on school and district needs
  • Virtual: Smart Start training and live working sessions are included with every subscription, plus paid live webinar and online self-paced training
Example of one of the built-in training guides in n2y solutions

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.