Clark County School District Unique Learning System

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Nevada’s vast Clark County School District (CCSD) needed to better support students with intellectual disabilities and also stem the tide of teacher turnover caused by the constant struggle to modify the general education curriculum to meet state mandates.

After launching a search for a differentiated special education curriculum that would improve student engagement, meet state standards and provide enhanced assessment capabilities to inform instruction, district leaders tested several and found Unique Learning System to be “the only one in which the differentiated content was already created.” They also discovered the strong professional development and tech support included with Unique Learning System was exactly what they needed to support teachers with varying technology skills.

Today, student performance is up and teacher attrition is down, while district leaders report that teachers attribute their increase in job satisfaction solely to “having the appropriate tools for the first time in their careers.”

Download the full report to discover the significant improvements in CCSD’s student performance, teacher satisfaction, progress monitoring and more over a five-year period with Unique Learning System.

Clark County School District case study with Unique Learning System.

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