As an educator, you see change on a daily basis. Change happens when a student reaches their “aha!” moment and begins to understand more clearly. Change can also occur because of school or district-wide policies. To keep up with this change and stay focused on student success, you may need to ask a few questions:

  • Has a new technology or curriculum been integrated into my classroom?
  • What are the current best practices used by my school or district?
  • How long has it been since my last professional development?


Four Levels of Professional Development

To ensure you navigate our educational services with confidence, n2y includes four specific levels of professional support to reach the needs of every student—and educator!

Foundations Course

Starting down the path toward educator improvement is as important to you as it is to us. For this reason, n2y’s curriculum and supplemental resources (including Unique Learning System®, News-2-You® and SymbolStix PRIME®) are supported by a detailed Foundations Course overview and guidelines for correct implementation.

Essentials Course

If you’re looking to continue your professional development journey, our online or on-site Essentials Course may be a good option. This course dives deeper into the lesson structure and data reporting features that support n2y products, guide IEP development and much more. Those who complete this course and final exam become an n2y Certified Educator.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course in conjunction with the Advanced Webinar Series offers a chance to deepen your knowledge at a near-expert level with on-site and online classes. Those who complete this course and final exam become an n2y Advanced Educator.

Train-the-Trainer Course

Becoming an n2y Certified District Trainer provides a deep and thorough insight into the curriculum framework that leads toward mastery of skills and content knowledge at an expert level. n2y Certified District Trainers then go on to assist other educators in their district with correct implementation.

Using Your New Skills to the Best of Your Ability

Beyond our structured professional development courses, the n2y blog provides a valuable source of information for career and skills improvement. Each topic focuses on important issues or trends in special education, giving you new insights within each article.

n2y Professional Development helps you and other educators get the most benefit from our solutions by creating better pathways and opportunities for students with disabilities.

Webinar on optimizing professional learning

Interested in beginning your professional development journey? Check out our webinar for expert guidance.

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n2y’s blog team works closely with our special educators, in-house experts and program developers to share the latest topics and timely thought leadership from the field. It’s our goal to help keep you informed and ready to serve your students!