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Essential Support for Changing Lives

Special educators know how important it is that unique learners have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills, advancing toward such positive outcomes as a fulfilling, productive role in society and independence. A great way to serve your students is to continue to develop your own understanding of the programs you use every day—and it’s OK to take some pride in your professional growth, too! We’re here to support you, whether you’re using n2y solutions for the first time or you’ve reached the level of trainer for others in your school or district.

We believe support means giving you the right tools and training to be successful with our solutions. It means delivering options that respect your busy schedule, and providing certifications that recognize your expertise. It means having 24/7 access to a robust, constantly updated online knowledge base.

Learning Plans and Live Webinars for Every Expertise Level

Choose from four learning plans and two types of live webinars that address what you need to know for success with n2y solutions at each stage of your professional development.

Foundations Learning Plan

Foundations Learning Plan

Our complimentary online orientation (available 24/7 with the purchase of any solution) will clarify exactly what you need to know to incorporate our programs into your instruction or school. The Foundations Learning Plan serves as a prerequisite for the Essentials and Advanced Learning Plans, and comes with a certificate of attendance and badge after completion.

Essentials Learning Plan

Essentials Learning Plans

Once you’ve completed the Foundations Learning Plan, it’s time to go deeper and learn about the crucial features of our solutions. Each Essentials Learning Plan is six hours (online plans are self-paced), and all participants who achieve a passing grade on the exam will be awarded a badge and n2y Certified Educator status.

Advanced Learning Plan

Advanced Learning Plans

The next step after the Essentials Learning Plan is mastering every critical detail of our solutions through a six-hour Advanced Learning Plan (online plans are self-paced). All participants who achieve a passing grade on the exam will be awarded a badge and n2y Certified Educator status.

Advanced Live Webinar Series

Advanced Live Webinar Series

Join a Professional Development Specialist for a live, hour-long webinar. These interactive sessions provide detailed knowledge about supporting students at all levels with n2y solutions.

Custom Live Webinars

Custom Live Webinars

Collaborate with an online Professional Development Specialist to develop an hour-long webinar around any of our solutions.

n2y Coach Learning Plan

n2y Coach Learning Plan

Do you like helping other teachers? Expand your skills and become an n2y Certified District Trainer! Make a difference as you maximize teachers’ talent, energy, and content knowledge. In this two-day course, we teach you how to train teachers to fully use a program in order to meet the individual needs of all students and improve outcomes.

Valuable Online Resources


Live and On‑Demand Webinars

Here are three types of webinars we offer regularly (all are recorded for later viewing if you miss the live ones). Participants earn a one‑hour certificate of attendance for each.

Explore timely and trending topics in special education. Led by practicing educators and experts in the field, these one‑hour sessions conclude with a Q&A, and are followed up with practical resources.

These hands‑on demonstrations by in‑house experts cover the specifics of an n2y solution—including program enhancements or topics raised frequently to our Customer Care team. Get your questions answered in real time!

If you’re searching for new instructional programs, these demos take you inside n2y solutions to help you decide. Led by a seasoned educator, each one‑hour session followed by a Q&A is an obligation-free way to discover how our solutions benefit students in any learning environment.

n2y Blog

n2y Blog

Check out our blog, which is frequently updated with insights from fellow educators on specific challenges or trends and best practices they’ve seen in special education. They share practical ways to use a variety of activities, strategies, and analysis to improve all aspects of growth and opportunities for students with disabilities to learn just like their peers.

White Papers, Guides, and eBooks

White Papers, Guides, and eBooks

Thoroughly explore the background on a topic, read a shorter take on key information, or learn essentials for improving outcomes when you download our white papers, guides, or eBooks, respectively.

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