Unique Learning System Math Efficacy Study

Nationwide Unique Learning System

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Program Description

n2y is a US-based provider of instructional materials for students with moderate to significant disabilities. n2y has been providing instruction for these students for over two decades. Currently, they serve their largest share of students through Unique Learning System (ULS), an online instructional curriculum that helps classroom teachers deliver differentiated, standards-aligned content in reading, mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.

Sample Description

Grades: Upper elementary

Size: 333 students from 115 districts

Demographics: 88% in self-contained SPED classrooms

Subject Focus: Mathematics skills

Time Period: 2021–2022 school year

Study Details

n2y partnered with a university research team to determine the impact of Unique Learning System units of math instruction on student outcomes over the course of a school year. Following the university’s study, LXD Research & Consulting, another research organization, validated the study.

A data set with pre- and post-Checkpoint assessment for mathematics units of study in October, February, and May of the 2021–22 school year was selected for analysis. The set includes 333 Intermediate (upper elementary) students who completed Checkpoint testing in all three months. Among the students, 182 received differentiated instruction in Level 2, while 151 students received differentiated instruction in Level 3.

Key Findings

Unique Learning System had a notable impact across the school year based on Checkpoint math skills assessment data from the 333 students in the sample set.

74% of the entire sample increased (46%) or maintained (28%) their accuracy from October to May. Within levels, 65% of Level 2 and 73% of Level 3 increased or maintained their accuracy from October to May.

Learn more about how students were positively impacted by Unique Learning System by downloading the research summary!

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