Drive Positive Student

Data-driven guidance to build motivation, confidence, and success

Learning is a continuum, and when teachers can make informed decisions to keep students advancing on that path every day, students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. n2y’s Total Solution suite integrates a results‑driven IEP development solution, high‑quality academic instruction and practice, skill-based intervention, behavior management, automated data tracking, and evidence-based instructional support to ensure positive outcomes.

Activate achievement through differentiated learning

When students are learning at a level that matches their abilities, they are more likely to experience success. Along with IEP development, data-driven differentiation and personalization across the academic, interventioncurrent eventsbehavior, and skill‑building components of our total solution help motivate learning with individualized goals and accessible, age‑appropriate lessons and activities. And easy access to their instruction through Student Dashboard ensures teachers can always provide the necessary support.

Geometry activity differentiated into three levels and the News-2-You simplified and advanced editions

Drive daily successes with centralized progress monitoring

Multiple options for monitoring student progress—from daily student performance data to formative and summative assessments, behavior tracking, and progress toward academic standards and skill development—make it simple to create and implement IEPs, inform instruction and intervention, establish present levels of performance statements, predict and show improvements, demonstrate RTI success, and prepare students for state assessments.

Reports from Positivity, L3 Skills, Unique Learning System, and Polaris

Create a path to independence

The ultimate measure of success for all learners is independence. That’s why our total solution begins integrating life and executive functioning skills into lessons and activities as early as pre‑K. The gradual release of responsibility instructional approach built into our intensive skill-based intervention solution gives struggling students the tools to take charge of their learning. For older unique learners, a transition grade band with planning tools, assessments, and ongoing support guides them to self-reliance and greater opportunities beyond school.

Unique Learning System's Transition Passport and a Life Skills activity

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The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.