Communicating with you

Our marketing team may reach out to you for a variety of reasons in different ways. We might be offering free training or a webinar on a solution you are using, or have a new blog or white paper we think might be of interest to you. Or, we may want to show you how to maximize a particular feature in a solution you are already using. But you should know that we do not market to children or share your personal information on any n2y websites with third parties for their marketing purposes.

n2y email

If you’re not receiving our emails and would like to, you can subscribe at Make sure to whitelist us so the emails get to you. It is our sincere intent to make this kind of communication useful for you based on your likely interests. For example, we often check to see if recipients have opened emails so we can determine if people actually do find them to be useful. If you don’t find them useful, there are options to manage your email preferences and unsubscribe in every marketing email we send.

n2y interest-based advertising

What is an interest-based ad? Suppose sometime in the morning you were shopping online for a new phone case. When you went back online later that afternoon to look at the news, up popped an ad for a phone case you were looking at earlier that morning—that’s an interest-based ad. We run online ad campaigns that can show ads to you based on your possible interests. We can learn about your possible interests when you use our websites.

The ad platforms we hire to display these ads set their cookies, web beacons, and other identifiers to both measure the effectiveness of the ads and to understand your likely interests. Note that we never display ads from within any of our products.

We and our ad platforms can learn:

  • Which n2y ads are shown to you
  • Which ads are clicked on
  • Which web page or app was used to display them

The companies we hire may also use technology that helps them identify devices and browsers that are being used by the same person. We may use these ad platforms to display ads that are tailored to you on non-n2y websites—just like that phone case.

Please note that if you do set your preferences as described above, you may still see n2y ads on other companies’ websites or apps, but they will not be based on your activity on our websites and apps.

Other types of online ads

We also run online ad campaigns on other non-n2y websites and apps, and social networking websites. For example, school superintendents on LinkedIn may see an advertisement for compliance documentation features. Please see the privacy policy of the website or app where an n2y ad is shown for more information about that site or app’s privacy practices, and the privacy choices it may offer.

Social media

You should know that the personal information you make available via social media apps and websites may be viewed, collected, and used by n2y and others.

Some examples may include:

  • When you choose to join (or “like”) an n2y page on a social networking site. In these situations, the social networking site may make some information about you available to n2y. Please see the privacy policy for the social networking site to learn more.
  • When you interact with an n2y social networking page or content. We may use cookies to learn which links you clicked.
  • When you make information publicly available on your social networking page.

The collection and sharing of personal information on social media apps and sites is governed by the privacy policy and practices of the social media provider. To learn more about the privacy practices of a social networking site on which you interact with us, please refer to the privacy policy for that social networking site.