Accessible content across the curriculum

Unique Learning System empowers students with unique learning needs to reach their full potential in a learning environment customized just for them. With accessible, differentiated lessons and activities, our research‑based content enables every student to participate in daily, age‑respectful, standards‑based instruction in ELA/reading, math, social studies, and science, as well as life skills and transition topics.

Unique Learning System Transition Planning

Reach and engage students in any setting

Cloud-based access and flexible scheduling enable teachers to deliver instruction wherever students learn throughout the day—in self‑contained, resource room, inclusive general education, or remote settings.

Unique Learning System Transition Assessments

Encourage independence

Throughout their day and across varied academic or remote settings, students can always access their lessons and assignments using Student View, an individualized gateway to learning with customized preferences to help them set and meet expectations.

Transition Passport Binder

Deliver inclusive, differentiated lessons

Daily lessons and activities, differentiated to three levels for every content standard, are matched to each student’s level, letting teachers efficiently address multiple ability levels in one lesson. Students’ ability to learn and demonstrate their knowledge at an appropriate level of understanding helps them experience success and develop the motivation to progress.

Unique Learning System Core Rubrics

Enhance learning with high‑interest, interactive content

New dynamic lessons published monthly to Unique Learning System provide special education classrooms with fun and relevant resources to both stimulate and challenge students. Choose the delivery that best suits your class—online or print; whole group, small group, or individual. And let students show what they know through read‑alouds, online interactive tasks, hands-on activities, experiments, and more.

Boost confidence, motivation, and standards mastery

Because content is presented in multiple modalities, students are able to demonstrate their knowledge with confidence in their preferred format, with added support in the form of text to speech or auditory‑visual cues.

High-Level Texts

Promote inclusion and pride

With Unique Learning System Classics, middle and high school students gain equitable access to the world‑class literature their peers in general education are reading. Two different versions of each title are available—adapted text or symbol supported.

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