Full access to content standards across the curriculum

Integrating standards-based science and social studies lessons using Unique Learning System’s evidence-based delivery provides districts and schools with the most complete and flexible special education instructional option available. From the preschool through high school grade bands, month-long units with science- and social studies-based themes cover the general education standards in a three-year cycle. Monthly lessons in ELA, math and writing also support the science or social studies theme to improve skill retention.

Unique Learning System Science and Social Studies Courses

On-demand courses for upper grade bands

Differentiated science and social studies courses at the intermediate through high school levels are accessible on demand, giving teachers the flexibility to integrate these subjects as needed—to pace with general education, match district pacing guidelines or fulfill accessible course requirements. Teachers using these weeklong courses can cover all standards-based instructional targets in the course of a year. All courses include a book, comprehension questions and interactive activities.

Unique Learning System Science Lesson

Provide an understanding of the natural world

n2y’s science courses for intermediate, middle and high school help students meet the rigor outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. Along with standards-based content, teaching resources and supplemental tools support access to general education science standards through your state’s extended science standards.

  • Earth and Space Science
  • Life Science (Biology)
  • Physical Science
Unique Learning System Social Studies Lesson

Help students
access global perspectives

n2y’s social studies courses for middle and high school offer consistent coverage of the National Social Studies Standards, providing depth and perspective to the events that helped shape history. Along with standards-based content, teaching resources and supplemental tools support access to general education social studies standards through your state’s extended social studies standards.

  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Civics/Government
  • Geography
  • Economics

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