Unique Learning System® has been a cornerstone in classrooms for students with complex needs since its inception. With six grade bands of content and differentiation within those bands, the volume and quality are unparalleled.

All Components of a Reading Program

Unique Learning System includes all vital components of a reading program in each grade band from preschool through transition. The National Reading Foundation cites five components as evidence of a complete reading program.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Verified by reading experts, each element of a full reading program is evident in each grade band of Unique Learning System. Further, the five components are visual and adapted to meet the needs of students with complex cognition needs.

Detailed Lesson Plans

To further support practitioners in classrooms, n2y coaches subscribers with detailed lesson plans in how to teach reading and all of the components of a full reading program. The lesson plans that are provided in Unique Learning System tie the entire program together for delivery in daily classroom instruction. Read-aloud leveled books are provided in each grade band so that all students can hear the book. Read-aloud experiences provide purposeful listening and reading opportunities for students.

Self-selected reading opportunities based on interest are also included in the Unique Learning System lesson plans. As essential learning experiences in the classroom, self-selected books give practitioners a window into the interests, desires and curiosities of learners who may not be able to articulate their choices by any other means.

Library of Online Books

Choose from the n2y Library’s nearly 1,000 online books including classroom books, trade books, library books, leveled books or easy read books. Guided reading is intended for small groups of students reading at the same level, but the same strategies can be applied to individual students. Unique Learning System is giving students new ways to show what they know with a focus on comprehension in the detailed Lesson Plan. With multiple ways to demonstrate comprehension, students with various learning styles and strengths will be able to exhibit excellence!

Vocabulary and Reading Instruction

Vocabulary instruction will closely link to reading lessons with context, capitalizing on natural and repeated exposures to the words and concepts. In the higher grade bands, middle school, high school and transition, n2y added Skill Builders to continue to address phonemic awareness and phonics with age-respectful materials. Some users require more practice with these skills even though academic standards no longer reflect such targets for these grade levels. Skill Builders are essential in order to meet some students’ needs.

In the middle school and high school grade bands, high-frequency words and vocabulary have more robust lessons with multiple activities and exposures to words. Power vocabulary words may be high-frequency words and exist on different lists, but they are valuable across settings to both literacy and understanding. For each lesson, there will be specific, key vocabulary words for understanding.

With these enhancements for students as well as practitioners, Unique Learning System provides both the depth and breadth required of a complete reading program. Unique Learning System is a dynamic and robust system of learning and instruction.

Unique Learning System reading program for special needs

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About the Author
Alli Vice is a certified speech-language pathologist who previously served as a school coordinator, consultant, developer and presenter. She is seasoned in the areas of communication disorders, behavior, curriculum and assistive technology. She is the author of Practical AAC: A Guide to Functional Communication and the developer of the Smart/Ease series of augmentative communication page sets. Alli holds a Master of Education degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern University.