Setting a course for independence

With a goal of preparing every student for independence and success in life beyond the classroom, Unique Learning System integrates transition learning skills throughout the six grade bands, beginning at preschool. At the post-high school level, a dedicated transition grade band provides learners with a realistic setting for engaging the skills necessary to envision, plan and actively prepare for their futures.

Unique Learning System Transition Planning

Transition planning
guides older students to fulfilling futures

An important inventory feature for the middle school, high school and transition age levels, Transition Planning helps educators guide students to independence with future planning that meets real-world expectations for employment, daily living needs and community awareness. To ensure progress beyond the classroom, students complete the Transition Planning Assessment—an inventory of preferences and performance in five key skill areas:

  • Vocational/Employability
  • Daily Living
  • Community
  • Personal Life
  • Lifelong Learning
Unique Learning System Transition Assessments

The assessment results in a comprehensive planning tool to aid in writing transition plans and setting future goals. Guided by these questions, students gain the confidence to conquer the skills necessary to meet those goals:

  • Current Status (This is me now)
  • Preferences (This is what I like)
  • Abilities and Challenges (This is what I can do)
Transition Passport Binder

The Transition Passport personalizes future planning

Giving students further ownership of the transition process, the Transition Passport helps them create a personal collection of supporting documents—a binder of evaluations, guides and supports that travel with each student through the transition grade band to create a post-graduate takeaway resource.

Unique Learning System Core Rubrics

Core Rubrics
prepare younger students for future success

Administered 2 to 4 times per year at the preschool through intermediate levels, Core Rubrics address the transition-readiness skill areas of employability, communication, self-advocacy, daily living and social strategies. Teachers select from a list of transition skills and the rubrics guide them in developing scorable observations of the student’s performance in each area. To optimize results, the Core Rubrics are best used in conjunction with the Core Materials, specifically the goal-setting lesson that enables students to set their own goals for employability, communication, self-advocacy, daily living and social strategies. A convenient chart guides students in completing this self-evaluation.

Unique Learning System Transition Activities

Core and Life Skills Lessons provide ongoing transition reinforcement

Integrated throughout the monthly preschool through intermediate academic lessons within Unique Learning System, life skills activities help students develop the important practical strengths they will need outside the classroom, such as choice making, collaboration, communication, good citizenship and many others.

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