Functional Behavior Assessment: Principles for Success

Samantha Gregory

Behavior Specialist

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Functional Behavior Assessment Principles for Success

1 Hour

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Do you have a student who isn’t responding to the behavior interventions you and your team have tried? Are you looking for a way to better understand your student’s behavior and help them self-regulate? Functional Behavior Assessment, or FBA, is a process that involves identifying behaviors that interfere with a student’s learning or the learning of others and the events surrounding those behaviors. Through interview and observation, your team determines the likely reason for the interfering behavior in order to establish a more positive way for the student to communicate with others. The FBA also helps your team develop strategies to support the student’s behavior and learning.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What an FBA is and why is it needed
  • Basic principles of behavior and how they relate to the four functions of behavior
  • The steps in the FBA process—utilizing indirect and direct assessment measures to analyze antecedents and consequences to determine function
  • How to apply data gathered in the FBA process to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
About the Presenter

Samantha Gregory serves as the lead trainer for functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention planning. Previously, she worked as a school psychologist, where she coached and consulted educators on best practices to address academic difficulties and challenging behavior in K–12 settings. Samantha received her Educational Specialist (EdS) in school psychology and her Master of Education in school psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.