The IEP Process Demystified:
From Planning Through Compliance

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IEPs can feel like a never-ending cycle. Would your team benefit from guidance on streamlining the process? A better understanding of writing PLAAFP statements and measurable goals? Tips for facilitating meetings? Our expert shares strategies for making every IEP as efficient and effective as possible, toward the ultimate goals of positive student outcomes and maintaining compliance.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for crafting the strongest possible PLAAFP statement to lay the foundation for a successful IEP
  • How to develop observable, measurable goals for progress monitoring
  • How—and in what order—the multiple components of an IEP come together to form the final, legally binding document

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The IEP Process Demystified: From Planning Through Compliance

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About the Author
Anissa Moore is an educational consultant and Board Certified Behavior Analyst who collaborates with school districts and agencies to support students with various behavioral, social and communication challenges. With over 25 years in education, her previous experience includes serving as a special education early childhood teacher, autism specialist, district administrator and adjunct professor in the Language, Literacy, and Special Populations Department at Sam Houston State University.