Updates that Are Perfect for Back to School

We’re excited to help you start the new school year successfully with new and updated instructional materials, assessments, tools, and resources. Unique Learning System offers more new and improved Benchmarks and two new foundational math courses. If you need to add science and social studies goals to IEPs for compliance in your state, you can do that with Polaris now. New Positivity decision trees guide students as they sign into their n2y account, and 18 new boards in SymbolStix PRIME can be customized to address engagement, academics, and classroom structure. Plus, students use deductive reasoning to identify a messy culprit in our new L3 Skills game.

More Foundational Math Courses

Give your students engaging ways to achieve math standards with two new courses Creating Sets by Category and Matching Identical Shapes. Each offers scripted lesson plans with evidence- and research‑based practices to improve teacher effectiveness as they cover foundational math concepts.

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New and Improved Benchmarks

Use our Benchmark assessments to identify each student’s Present Levels of Performance and start the year off right. You’ll have baseline data in easy-to-read, automatic summaries to use for targeting skill areas with instruction and when monitoring growth over time, which supports compliance. You’ll have the flexibility to administer Benchmarks according to your preference: via Student Dashboard, teacher led, or offline. Our Benchmarks are updated throughout the year to empower and inform teachers. If you need guidance on which Benchmarks to administer or any other Benchmark-related FAQ, check out all the explanations, tips, and strategies in our Knowledge Base articles.

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Science and Social Studies SMART Goals

Achieving compliance is easier now! For states that require science and social studies SMART goals to be included in IEPs, our latest update lets teachers quickly add them.

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New Decision Tree Strategies

Promote student independence and build routines with three easy-to-use decision trees, which are all customizable. Each one walks students through a different sign-in procedure for accessing their Student Dashboard. Print them out for use in the classroom today.

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18 New Academic, Communication, and Classroom Structure Boards

Use our latest boards to support academics, engagement, and classroom structure—getting students used to learning again and establishing new routines. Four boards are specially designed for classroom management, procedures, and processes. The other 14 boards are graphic organizers, sorting boards, and spelling boards. Teachers can quickly customize each board to meet student or classroom needs.

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New Catch the Culprit Game

Somebody’s made a mess, and it’s up to your students to find the culprit. They’ll build their deductive reasoning skills as they examine clues in a scene, answer questions about those clues, and then choose a fitting suspect.

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