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INCLUSIVE LEARNING IN OHIO: n2y’s innovative solutions

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What do you get with n2y? Consistent, grade- and age-appropriate, and Ohio Learning Standards-Extended aligned learning solutions that include research-based methodologies and various accessibility options to meet the needs of every student. It all adds up to a total solution for Ohio’s special education students and their teachers.

BOOST GROWTH with OLS‑E aligned curriculum

n2y solutions provide educators with content expertly aligned to Ohio’s extended standards, powerful assessments, automatic data collection, and easy-to-interpret reports. With evidence‑ and research‑based instructional tools and guides created by our experts, teachers can confidently engage students of all abilities and levels with every solution, delivering instruction that meets rigorous standards and promotes academic success for every learner.

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PLACE COMPLIANCE at the forefront

 With the easy‑to‑interpret reports and data summaries provided by assessments, teachers have data to inform IEPs and instructional decisions that lead to improved student outcomes. Plus, teachers can demonstrate compliance with data-informed strengths and needs statements crafted from assessment summaries within Present Levels statements.

Built-in guidance and recommendations assist teachers as they create an IEP that is legally compliant. Flexibility in writing district- and state‑compliant SMART goals and objectives allows users to start with a date, a specific given statement, or show the student’s grade level. These resources support robust and compliant IEPs while integrating with other n2y solutions.

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IMPROVE Ohio Alternate Assessment success

Our curriculum includes assessments that mirror Ohio’s alternate assessments to help students prepare for the AASCD early on. With n2y’s thoughtfully designed curriculum, students have the advantage of consistent, high-quality instruction to boost performance and success on their alternate state assessments.

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Under Governor Mike DeWine’s proposed literacy bill, schools could soon be required to adopt the Science of Reading as the only literacy method in the classroom. Proficiency in the science of teaching reading has become an indispensable requirement. n2y is the only solution provider of a Science-of-Reading-aligned curriculum specifically designed for students with moderate to severe disabilities across all grade levels. With our comprehensive suite of resources, teachers have access to a curriculum inclusive of Science of Reading research to meet state requirements and unlock the full potential of every learner on their educational journey.

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Improve low math and ELA scores with SKILL‑BASED INTERVENTION

Ohio’s math and ELA scores have seen a significant drop in the last few years. With the right support, struggling and at-risk students can make tremendous gains. Now, educators have a research- and evidence‑based intervention curriculum to implement during the Response to Intervention (RTI) process and to use with students on IEPs. Teachers get the assessment and instructional resources they need to better identify and address skill gaps. And students build confidence and independence through a gradual release of responsibility instructional approach. Schedule time with our Ohio team to learn more about our intervention curriculum!

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Count on Our award-winning technology and Instructional Resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple ed tech awards that validate the research-based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs for unique learners.

CODiE 2021 SIIA CODiE FinalistEdTech Breakthrough Award 2021

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