Consistent access
to grade‑level extended standards

Since our founding 20 years ago, on the belief that everyone can learn, n2y has delivered differentiated content that enables students to learn, meet expectations and demonstrate their knowledge according to their ability level. Today, in keeping with federal and state mandates for grade-specific, “challenging” academic standards, Unique Learning System enables students with the most complex learning needs to access the general education curriculum for their chronological grade level through their state’s extended standards.

Unique Learning System Lesson Plan and Extended State Standards

Raise the bar for educational expectations

In compliance with the mandates of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Unique Learning System enables students with complex learning needs to meet the same academic standards as their general education peers by aligning with each state’s extended standards. Our content experts continuously monitor changes to these standards and update materials as needed to ensure students with unique learning needs have consistent and ongoing access to academic and transition skills.

Unique Learning System Differentiated Lesson

Rely on one trusted source for compliance and time‑saving resources

Easy access to lessons and activities that are differentiated into three levels enables teachers to simultaneously and efficiently reach students of varying ability levels and chronological grade levels in one lesson. Teaching all lessons in a monthly unit helps students master a majority of each state’s ELA and math extended standards every month.

Enhance outcomes
with timely, targeted access to grade‑level standards

In addition to evidence-based differentiated lessons, a full range of supporting resources in Unique Learning System simplify a special educator’s role.

Unique Learning System Lesson Plan Instructional Targets

Instructional Targets

Instructional Targets provide a bridge between the general content standards adopted by a state and the associated content in Unique Learning System designed to reach students with significant disabilities.

Unique Learning System Alignment Documents

Alignment Documents

Alignment Documents and Skills Tracking help teachers select lessons that will address a targeted standard for a given time frame.

Unique Leaning System GPS Goals and Tracked Skills

Goals, Preferences and Skills (GPS)

Goal-setting and progress-monitoring resources help identify and reinforce the skills targeted for standards-based goals on a student’s IEP.

Unique Learning System GPS Benchmarks and Checkpoints

Benchmarks & Checkpoints

Benchmark Assessments, daily performance tracking and Checkpoints help determine when a student is ready to advance to new skills and ability levels.

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