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News-2-You® has been connecting students to the world through current events for over 17 years. Working closely with the Associated Press (AP), News-2-You topics are timely, contemporary and applicable in classrooms nationwide. With News-2-You, students engage in rich literacy and language instruction while learning about diverse current event topics. Lessons and experiences are extended through interactive symbol-supported articles, activities, games, guided practice opportunities and flexible means of expressing what they have learned.

Delivered weekly in five different versions, News-2-You readers access the newspaper together through the highest version available and then through a version specific to individual instructional needs. Each version of the weekly newspaper contains the same concepts related to the central topic, but modifies the presentation or format for differentiated learning.

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News-2-You subscribers can access the newspaper online with interactive speaking pages, or offline, using printable pages for instruction and comprehension. More than 50 accompanying activities are delivered in the weekly theme for multiple guided practice experiences. Activities are engaging, symbol-supported and focused on the central topic for the weekly edition of News-2-You.

Breaking News

Working with the Associated Press (AP), News-2-You releases Breaking News stories in three categories: World, Sports and Entertainment. Each titled Breaking News story is one to two pages, includes symbol-supported text, is read with highlighting, and includes a video link at the bottom of the page. For a text-only version, use the settings on each page to hide symbols. An Advanced version directly follows the symbol-supported text. Look for new Breaking News stories as they happen using the news ticker on the homepage at n2y.com.

World News Sample



n2y uses Instructional Targets to link standards to curriculum content for students with special needs. Instructional Targets are aligned to State Educational and Transition standards.


Class News

A feature included with News-2-You, Class News is a self-paced, onscreen activity designed to encourage collaboration between students and foster strong associations with the weekly edition of News-2-You. Create a newspaper specific to a district, classroom, or student with Class News. Complete the activity as a preview of the day or week, a review activity, or a speech language session with many Wh- questions embedded in Class News.

Weekly News
Four Levels

In the news

Lesson Plans

News-2-You now offers new interactive lesson plans. This new format provides teachers ease of navigation between resources within the lesson plan. A new Suggested Weekly Plan will become available which will have pacing suggestions for your learners' differentiated needs. “Help on the Spot”, a new feature found in each lesson plan, is in place to support teachers with information they need for preferred practice instruction

Mobile Access

News-2-You’s weekly paper and activities are accessible across a variety of tablets and mobile platforms. This contemporary technology encourages students to engage and explore many types of content independently or under supervision. Adjustable speech, highlighting, and answer cues are just a few of the ways teachers can support learning and challenge each student.


Class news

Joey’s Locker

Delivered weekly with News-2-You newspaper topics, Joey's Locker includes six web-based games, a bi-weekly storybook, and a bi-weekly interactive cartoon all designed to be used in conjunction with News-2-You. The materials in Joey's Locker reinforces vocabulary from each edition of News-2-You and is a time-tested favorite activity for students!

Cartoon Club Roo

News-2-You App 2.0

The News-2-You iPad® app by AssistiveWare now supports all four levels of each weekly edition of News-2-You. Read the news using any of the text-to-speech voices, which include specialty and children’s voices. Track reading progress for each reader!

Three ways to access:

Individual editions on the News-2-You app sold separately;

Subscription to News-2-You app by AssistiveWare;

Download the News-2-You iPad app from the App Store and sign in with your News-2-You login to gain access to free editions.

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