Connect Students

Connecting Students to the World

News-2-You has been connecting students to the world through current events for over 15 years. With News-2-You, students learn about current events through symbol-supported articles, activities, games and worksheets. All of these instructional materials reinforce the topic of each weekly newspaper.

News-2-You Is Now Interactive

New this year, all editions of the newspaper are interactive. This cutting-edge technology allows students to interact with the content. More than 50 worksheets are now interactive, giving students a new way to explore the newspaper. Students can answer “wh” questions, solve the Sudoku board, complete the puzzle and play the game page all on their computers. Text to speech is also incorporated in all materials.



Keep Up With Standards

n2y uses instructional targets to bridge between standards and the curriculum content for students with special needs. Instructional Targets are aligned to State Educational and Transition standards.


Weekly News

News-2-You delivers fresh news content weekly to educators and students. Included in every edition is a game, puzzle, recipe, joke, Sudoku, think and review page to keep students engaged all week. An annual subscription includes access to 41 newspapers.

Weekly News


Four Levels

Four Reading Levels

The newspaper is published in four different reading levels each week. There is always something to challenge every student from the non-reader to the competent reader. All reading levels offer high quality text-to-speech. A yearly subscription provides you access to all four levels.

Breaking News

Every day we add exciting news stories in three categories: "World News," "Sports News" and "Entertainment." These current interest articles will keep students engaged and connected to the world around them. Articles are 1-2 pages in length and are presented in a regular symbol-supported edition and a plain text advanced edition.

World News Sample
In the news



More than 50 interactive worksheets accompany every edition of the newspaper. They are designed to help practice standards-based skills across different subject areas. Worksheets can be completed on-screen or printed for classroom use.

Class News

Each special education classroom is different, which is why News-2-You also allows you to create your own symbol supported class newspaper. Class News is a self-paced interactive activity designed for classroom connectivity with the weekly edition of the paper. There is even room for teachers to add reminders or important notes that can be emailed home. Create your class newspaper today!

Class news


NEW iPad App 2.0

Now the News-2-You iPad app supports all four levels of each weekly edition. The news can be read using any of the text to speech voices, which include specialty and children’s voices. Reading progress and answers to exercises can now be tracked individually! News-2-You subscribers can download the News-2-You app for free and connect using their n2y login. (Download the News-2-You iPad app from the App Store and sign in with your News-2-You login to get free articles).

Joey's Locker

The material in Joey's Locker targets different academic content by reinforcing weekly vocabulary from the newspaper. Joey's Locker includes six web-based games that change weekly, a bi-weekly storybook, and a bi-weekly interactive cartoon. Parents can also practice skills at home by visiting the Club Roo site.

Cartoon Club Roo
Joeys Locker


News-2-You Supporting AAC Files

With every News-2-You edition, our partners in AAC bring you powerful pages and extension activities for communication and classroom support. Saltillo, PRC, Jabbla, and MyTalk, provide these classroom resources at no cost to you!

Included Weekly in Your Subscription