Expanding literacy skills,
advancing learning

Building literacy skills BROADENS HORIZONS

News2you is designed to help expand literacy skills, from basic awareness of symbols and print to reading fluently with comprehension. And when students are exposed to the new ideas, sentence structures, concepts and vocabulary found in News2you, they expand their own horizons. They learn to think more deeply; connect the real‑world content across all subject areas, including science, social studies and math; become more critical readers; and learn to navigate the world beyond school.

UNDERSTAND­ING AND APPRECIATING different forms of writing

Regular exposure to different styles of clear, concise writing helps students learn to read, comprehend, and appreciate narrative, expository, and descriptive forms.

News2you Write a Story page

EXPANDING vocabulary

Every issue of News2you includes a vocabulary list drawn from the week’s topic and is differentiated to three levels.

News2you Words page

THINKING more deeply

Every issue also includes a differentiated Think page for considering and composing answers to thought-provoking, open-ended comprehension questions.


Short nonfiction readings reinforce student skills in understanding the main idea, retelling and summarizing.

News2you Informational Text

ANSWERING the important “wh” questions

Every issue takes a thematic approach to deepening knowledge and skills using cross-curricular “wh” questions focused on the topic of the newspaper.

the outside world

Students grow their digital and media literacy skills by connecting with news content and related stories online. They learn to navigate the web and use features like Google Mapsâ„¢ to see the location of the events in the newspaper.

Are you ready to see it in action?

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