Newport News Public Schools Unique Learning System

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Newport News Public Schools (NNPS), a Virginia school district of 29,000 students, sought a program that would provide high‑quality, age‑respectful instruction for students with unique learning needs. At the time, the district lacked special education instructional resources and teachers often resorted to children’s TV programming and other materials that weren’t age‑appropriate.

Finally, the district discovered Unique Learning System’s dynamic online instruction, with differentiated lessons that accommodate diverse learning needs. District leaders appreciate the solution’s alignment to Virginia’s state standards, ensuring that all students have access to the general education curriculum. Ten years after deployment, NNPS considers its implementation of Unique Learning System to be a rousing success.

Download the full report to learn how Unique Learning System has improved students’ engagement in the classroom, as well as their achievement on state alternate assessments, and read about teachers’ enthusiasm for its Goals, Preferences and Skills (GPS) data collection and student assessment component.

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