Create connections for real student growth

Learning in and beyond the classroom

SymbolStix PRIME provides a universal, consistent and engaging way for educators to connect with their students. But these powerful language tools are not just for building knowledge in the classroom. They’re also for helping unique learners connect with the world—and reach their greatest potential.

Create access with recognizable, age‑appropriate symbols

The vibrant, instantly identifiable symbols in SymbolStix PRIME give learners of all ages the visual context to help them decode, stimulating communication and enabling them not only to make connections, but also to actively participate in life beyond the classroom.

Age-appropriate symbols from SymbolStix PRIME

Empower comprehension
and foundational skills

Educators create materials and activities with SymbolStix PRIME that provide the visual clues for helping learners who have speech, language, reading and other communication disabilities build foundational and conceptual understanding. The endless variation of possible activities also can strengthen vocabulary and literacy skills, and help students express themselves creatively.

Symbol-supported materials and activities from SymbolStix PRIME

Bridge barriers and minimize communication challenges

SymbolStix PRIME symbols and the many learning opportunities they provide are ideal for bridging language barriers in educational settings and beyond. And these crucial tools are not just for educators who are committed to helping students with disabilities and those with brain injuries or aphasia. The universal language within SymbolStix PRIME is also an ideal way to connect with both emergent learners and English Learners.

Child with parent at home

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