Updates to Jump Start the 2022–2023 School Year

n2y Staff

Welcome back to school! We value the effort, time, and heart you dedicate to getting ready for your unique learners. And here at n2y, we’ve been busy preparing to support you. Our updates provide teachers with flexibility and autonomy, administrators with data and visibility, and students with even more engaging, core academic instruction. Check out what we’ve added and enhanced across all our solutions, plus look at what’s coming later this fall!

Characters and Visuals

Students can now see themselves represented throughout Unique Learning System! Updated characters and visuals support educators in building an inclusive community while creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

Math Courses

Teachers can now access even more skill-based, standards-aligned math resources to support the needs of their learners. Plus, make math instruction more impactful with instructional courses, assessments, and reports at no additional cost!

Multiple Units and Improved Grade‑Band Flexibility

Coming Fall 2022!

Based on feedback from our customers, we’re working on two additional changes to improve flexibility within ULS. You’ll be able to save valuable planning time with access to multiple instructional units to allow for pacing with general education curriculum. And if teachers have multi-grade band access with several licenses, they’ll be able to assign lessons and activities within those grade bands to any student. Improved access will mean educators have more content for learners and increased flexibility and autonomy for teaching multiple grades in one classroom.

Transition and Pre-K Collaboration Resources

Polaris now has collaboration resources for pre-K through transition! Strengthen the culture of trust in your team with access to new pre-K and transition-age resources for writing IEPs. With brand-new pre-K and transition profiles, assessments, and goals, teams can ensure meaningful IEP planning and student success!

Parent Input Surveys

Ensure all voices are heard as IEPs are developed. The Polaris Parent Surveys empower caregivers and parents to highlight specific student strengths and share concerns.

130 Premade Strategies

Save time with 66 new social narrative and 64 new decision tree strategies! Educators can support behavior management and self-regulation  for all learners with these proactive, customizable strategies that can be used across school settings.

Marker Tool

Strengthen communication, literacy skills, academic concepts, and creative expression with the new Marker Tool. Draw, write, or highlight on individual devices and interactive boards and activities to boost student participation and engagement.

30 Customizable Templates

New templates allow teachers and service providers to customize symbol-supported activities and materials , including communication charts, certificates, calendars, and more!


An array of exciting new academic- and skills-based games  provides engaging, independent practice for students and includes progress monitoring tools to collect data for IEP goals.

These games join our growing library of over 170 academic- and skills-based learning resources!

  • Summer Smoothie
  • Ben’s Big Choices
  • Letter Sequence
  • Sweet Treats
  • Feed Symbolsaurus: Letters D, E, F, and G Word Games
  • Animals at the Aquarium
  • Matching Machine: Rhyming Words
  • Matching Machine: Number Words
  • Matching Machine: Summer Words
  • Retro Rocket Launch

Accessibility Updates

Coming Fall 2022!

Accessibility updates in L3 Skills will empower students to use the keyboard and mouse interchangeably to participate in, navigate, and interact with the world of digital education through academic- and skills-based gamification.

Professional Learning

Targeted Live Webinars

The launch of a new school year is an ideal time to refresh your skills! Two new targeted webinar offerings meet the needs of districts.

Start the Year Strong with ULS Essential Tools

Help participants learn to use n2y solutions to personalize instruction and monitor student data.

Set Up a Smooth Transition with n2y

Assist participants in learning to analyze data and use n2y checklists.


n2y Math Manipulatives Kit

Boost math skills with multisensory, hands-on learning  for grades pre-K through 12 with easy-to-use supports for each math lesson. Educators can complement and enrich math instruction using the embedded strategies to approach challenging math concepts. Plus, each math lesson in Unique Learning System will suggest manipulatives to complement the instruction!

Administrator Dashboard

Administrators now have n2y solution reports right at their fingertips with customizable widgets! With data and progress monitoring all in one place, it’s even easier to support teachers and students.

Support for a Successful Year

We’re excited for you to try out these new tools that provide teachers with independence and flexibility while improving engagement for students and boosting administrator access. We look forward to supporting you in a purposeful and collaborative school year!

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